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Ministry of Finance warns: participation in the game can create addiction !18+!

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The ENDL + K company, corp, the go4games brand keeper, realizes it is one of the most important companies working in the entertainment and games industry. The company itself  considers the prevention of possible rise addiction to be their duty to actively minimize the negative affects of the addiction to the person, families and to the community.

The ENDL + K company, corp, understands the addiction of any kind as the fatal problem, and that is the reason why they started their own program of addiction prevention and the elimination of its negative causes.
In terms of the program the company supports the ProGam.cz program.

ProGram.cz is Czech countrywide preventive, interventional, educational and research project, bringing the Responsible Gambling standard, as well as Harm precaution (lowering the risks and its causes) and Demand Reduction in every single playroom (Land a Server Base Gambling). The goal of this project is to lower or even eliminate the social and economy causes of running a lottery, connected with detrimental using an alcoholic drinks.

The implementer and administrator of ProGam.cz project is the Czech institute for the addiction research (CIAR).


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