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Welcome in the world full of games, fun and adrenaline- welcome on go4games.
Come visit us to relax and have fun to one of more than 50 go4games playrooms, enjoy the right feeling of winning and gain more energy to the game. More energy to the life.

Energy to the game


Concord Card Casino

Mukařovského 2590/2
155 00 Prague 5

open 16:00 – 6:00
machines NONSTOP

+420 235 314 723 – Casino
+420 607 705 575 – Floorman

The biggest casino in Prague- the electronic roulettes are open nonstop.

In go4games casino you can try your luck on 120 modern VLT and on 2 electronic roulettes. The kind staff will offer you food and drinks in calm atmosphere.

We have a bonus program for the gamers.


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